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Gilbert Lugol - Director of General Inspection at the Elf DGEP, one of the founders of the place of Elf Aquitaine in the African upstream

Born May 10, 1920 in Toulouse (Haute-Garonne). Caousou (Toulouse), École Polytechnique, National School of Petroleum and Engines; engineer at the Corps of Mines. Engineer at the Cherifian Oil Company in Rabat (1947-1949). Technical advisor to the BRP (Petroleum Research Bureau) from 1950 to 1954; administrator - director general in 1955, then president of PREPA (Company of prospection and exploitation petroleum in Alsace) from 1963 to 1968. In 1955 he is also administrator director general of the Company of petroleums of Madagascar, then director for Elf ERAP of l 'Sub-Saharan Africa and Madagascar (1966-1972). President of the African Petroleum Exploration Company (Safrex), the Elf Company for Research and Exploitation of Petroleum in Cameroon (Elf Serepca), Elf-Congo (1969-1970), a company he contributed to create, CEO (1966-1977) of SPAFE, which will become Elf Gabon. Director of general inspection of the Elf DGEP from 1972 until 1980. President of the Union Chamber of Natural Gas Research and Production. Death in 1994. (Sources: Who’s who, Annales des Mines; Elf ERAP and the Congo, the vicissitudes of a marriage of reason, by Ferdinand MALONGA and Samir SAUL, in Histoire, Economie et Société, 2010,2).

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