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Georges Claude - Searcher

Georges Claude was not an employee of the Total Group, but he worked in the Grande-Paroisse workshops in Montereau to improve the Haber-Bosch process for synthesizing ammonia in 1917. Born in 1870 in Paris. Paris School of Physics and Industrial Chemistry. An inventor of genius, he files patents in several directions. Some will be behind Air Liquide (shareholder of Grande-Paroisse), of which he is a founding shareholder. He also works on neon lighting, is interested in the thermal energy of the seas. Elected to the Academy of Sciences in 1924, he was expelled from it because of his far-right militancy and his active collaboration with the Germans during the Second World War, an attitude which led to him being sentenced to imprisonment for life after Liberation. Released in 1950, he resumed his research and died in 1960. He was also interested in very deep drilling. His passionate and hectic life gave rise to several biographies.

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