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Georges Brognon - General Director of Petrofina

Graduated from the faculty of Mons, known as the “school of mines” of Mons, civil engineer of mines.

One of Petrofina's reference geologists. Recruited after the War, he was first sent to CanadaPays CanadaShow more in 1949, where he was the first assets in the Group's mining sector in the country, then in AngolaTotal AngolaShow more. He created an exploration team there which discovered the Benfica deposit in 1955. Administrator of Petrobelge in 1957.

He then went to CanadaPays CanadaShow more and the United States, where he remained from 1957 to 1966 and contributed to the creation of Apex, to conduct a "risky" exploration with the tax advantages of American companies, while being Deputy Managing Director at Petrofina in 1962, in charge of exploration. Managing Director at Petrofina (1969).

He will not stop speaking out against the limited resources that Headquarters will give to exploring the Group. But the upstream assets acquired by the Belgian company in North America did not have the results corresponding to their financial investment.

[Sources: Petrofina archives, Nicaise interview]

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