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Fernand Carlier - Director of Petrofina

Brother of Hector Carlier and son of Jean-Baptiste Carlier, managing director of the National Bank of Belgium. Born in 1882, civil engineer in mines at the University of Ghent in 1902. He was the person who closely followed Petrofina's business in Romania. He held numerous administrative positions. In May and June 1940 he was the main interlocutor of the German authorities who were trying to recover the titles of the Romanian companies Concordia, Vega and Sirius because Germany considered that it had been unjustly dispossessed of it in 1918. Likewise the German authorities asked him to facilitate Concordia's collaboration with the Reich for the sale and export of Romanian petroleum products. Denounced in February 1945, he was heard in March and charged in June. Sentenced for collaboration after the Second World War, for having sold to the Germans the shares of the Romanian companies on January 26, 1946 to three years in prison, then after he appealed, to seven years imprisonment in addition to heavy financial sanctions; but a dismissal order was pronounced in his favor in May 1949. He died in February 1952.

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