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... Every single bubble of gas. Ten years of operations in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd (GASCO) is a success story, and in celebrating its first ten years of operational history, they decided to publish a book to pay tribute to everyone involved in the Company's process.

They decided to make the book "reader friendly", and instead of presenting a series of historical facts and associated dates, they considered that it would be more interesting to present GASCO's history through the recollections of a selection of people involved in the Company's formation and operational success.

Many people were interviewed and asked to recall their experiences.


They talked about people who created and started the project (Pierre-René Bauquis , Christian Laur, Aziz Aït Said, etc…).

When they talk about Christian Laur who was the man of the startup, they said that he painted in red white and blue the chimneys of Camel (liquefaction plant of Arzew) during the visit of the president. But they forgot to specify that the president they received was the Algerian president (Boumedienne) ....

Seven chapters and a conclusion I invite you to read hereafter.

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