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Entry in South Africa E&P exploration blocks

Back in 2010, we had some ambitions in South Africa for exploration. I was in charge of finding good exploration opportunities.

The country is not an E&P country but there was the Petroleum agency of South Africa. We went to make a courtesy visit with the Agency together with the exploration manager for Africa. The idea was just to make some contacts.

When we met with them they proposed us directly to apply for an exploration area in the country as they were so happy to see us.

We were very surprised but we draw a big area on the map offshore outenica basin. The area was very big,  like more than 100000 km2. 

We filled the application form and the lady told us that it was 50 dollars to make the application. I had no money with me so I run outside the building to find a cash dispenser. I took the money, I paid the 50$

...and we got the exploration block from this day.

Very funny and amazing. We could not believe it !!!

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