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Drilling for oil - The start of it

Did you know that Petrolia, a small town in South West Ontario, CanadaPays CanadaShow more is often referenced as the place where oil drilling, at least in North America, started? In the summer of 1858, 160 years ago, a fellow named James Williams from Hamilton, Ontario, the city where I now live, struck oil while digging for water not far from what is now known as the city of Petrolia. The city got its name from what is now an obvious reason.

Oil production in the Petrolia field was at its peak from the late 1800 to the mid 1900.

People from Petrolia have been all around the world teaching others how to dig wells and exploit them. Many Canadians have pioneered the techniques and equipment used to dig, harness and exploit crude oil from wells.

Today Total is showing its presence in the oil drilling industry all around the world where some of its Special Fluids branded EDC are used to facilitate the drilling operations while minimizing any negative impact on the environment and the workers.

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