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Drilling fluids , a key and historical business for Total Fluides.

As you may know, to recover Oil & Gas from the ground, a hole has to be drilled. For this purpose, a drilling mud is required to ensure several functions such as cleaning the hole, cooling and lubricating the drill bit, stabilizing the well bore…

The mud can be either Water Based or Oil Based.  For this last one, the main fluid is a hydrocarbonated cut from Diesel, Olefins or Paraffins. Total Fluids product, EDC is obtained through a Total patented process either in Oudalle (FrancePays FranceShow more) or in Bayport (US) plants. This is a two-step process: severe hydrogenation on Diesel cuts, followed by distillation to obtain narrow cuts with the lowest aromatic content of the market (

The EDC product has been successfully used all over the world : North Sea, West Africa (Congo-Moho Nord, Gabon, Nigeria-OFON, AngolaTotal AngolaShow more-CLOV), Middle-East (UAE, Oman), Asia (Brunei, Malaysia, PNG, Australia-ICHTYS, India), America (US, Argentina, Ecuador)…

The purity of the EDC range makes it the first choice for the operator’s safety and low environmental impact, while keeping high drilling performance for both on-shore or offshore projects, for more than 50 years now.

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