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Drilling in the Davis strait - Anecdotes

In these posts, I won’t tell you exploits but only anecdotes and experiences that have happened to me during these missions (24 countries) that I carried out on behalf of Elf and Total.
I joined Elf in April 1976 after 6 years with a contractor (Neptune/Forex) including 4.5 years in semi-sub in the North Sea.

With the subsidiary Aquitaine CanadaPays CanadaShow more, we had onshore search blocks in the state of Alberta and off-shore on the east coast in the Davis Strait (between Greenland and Baffin Lands).
The drilling campaign began in 1979 with "Ben Ocean Lancer" a dynamically positioned boat from ODECO. On that first campaign, I only participated in the choice of the drill rig. In fact, I had visited it with a colleague in the port of Edinburgh in England: three days on the spot to define some modifications and finalize the operating procedures.

I was only involved at the end of the drilling in 1980 because the well could not be completed in the first summer.

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