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Developing Total Twice in Argentina was a big learning for me

I started my career working in different media stations as radios and newspapers. At the middle of my career, I decided to get involved in the corporate world because media in Argentina were very influenced by politics and I wanted to work with more freedom. I started to work at Total as an intern of Internal Communication under HR´s team and a year and half later I achieved to stay for an indefinite time. I discovered my passion for internal communication at this one moment. I learnt that communication is not only a tool to inform employees but it is also a way to motivate and promote culture transformation in an organization.

That’s why I began to get involved in different project of culture transformation like “Total Twice” and “Proyecto Soul”. Also I involved actively myself in organizations which the main purpose was to promote the equity of gender in the world through mentoring and professional development. My participation in different congress of communication also was a key point to build my personal branding and to continue my development. In my opinion, it is very important to share our experiences out of our company. It permits to get a better practice of problems and promote a collaborative culture which is the key nowadays. I believe that competition between colleagues is a habit outdated.

When our team heard about Total Twice, we thought that this was an interesting network to launch in Total Argentina. I contacted different organizations to learn more about gender equality. Then, we contacted different references of the region and others entities of the world asking them to share with us their experiences regarding the program. Finally, in March 2018 we launched Total Twice in Argentina with many expectations. By that time, we decided that the mutual mentoring circles will be our way to promote this network. 

The mutual mentoring circles are spaces of listening and integration where employees assumed different roles to share their experience, problems, projects about topics relationship with the professional development, the respect for each other and the equity of gender.

A group of facilitators (employees of our entity) were trained to promote these mutual mentoring circles and become them ambassadors of the network.

Total Twice was a success in Total Especialidades Argentina. Collaborators get involved in different mutual mentoring circles. It becomes a part of our Company internal culture. I feel a great emotion for this: it was a big challenge where I learnt a lot.

I will continue to get involved in this type of projects, so I can collaborate in the professional development of people and to try to raise awareness about different cultural changes within the organization, that’s a big motivation and learning challenge for me.

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