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Desmarais Frères by its president

To the members of the House Staff - Point S. Desmarais 1952 - (Etoile Bleue n°16)

At the last Central Works Council meeting, the Chairman of the Commission for Simplification of Work Efficiency expressed the wish to see everyone better informed about the company's activities, so as to increase the interest that everyone - workers, employees, supervisors and managers - take in the company where they work, and also to strengthen the ties that unite these 3,300 people through a better understanding of what makes up this great group and how it lives.

It is in response to this wish, to which I gladly subscribe, that, among the various means of information which are possible, which already exist, or which are to be created or perfected, I thought of using the excellent means of liaison that is the Blue Star to bring to each of its readers some information on the general progress of the House in 1951 and at present, as I do at the Central Works Council, by simply trying to avoid the aridity of a report such as the one I present twice a year to staff representatives who are already familiar with the figures and expressions used.

I shall divide my presentation into three parts:

1. Our business activity during 1951 and the beginning of 1952.

2° Our industrial equipment at the beginning of this year.

3° Our indirect activity, i.e. the areas where our company does not manage directly but has holdings enabling it to collaborate in the management of separate companies.

(see the continuation of Stéphane Desmarais' speech in the attached PDF)

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