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Desmarais Frères gas pumps

Desmarais Frères gas pumps in 1950

Distributors by P. Bert
(Revue Etoile Bleue n°11 - 1950)

The network of our auto, diesel and oil fuel dispensing stations currently comprises 9,700 active and 800 passive units, which we are actively pursuing.

A certain number of these aircraft will be gradually assigned to our AZUR premium fuel, so as to rebuild as soon as possible the beautiful distribution network of this product that we had before the war.

If one recalls that at the Liberation, our House had only been able to keep 830 aircraft in operation, it appears that in five years nearly 8,800 aircraft have been restored to working order by our Maintenance Services, at the same time as we were carrying out a thousand new installations.

These refurbishments and new installations have absorbed a considerable mass of tubes, cast iron fittings, parts of all kinds and various ingredients, the supply of which has long been a real acrobatic exercise and is still difficult because of the complex problems it raises.

The execution of such a programme was entrusted to the 200 checkers and fitters of the Distributor Technical Service distributed in 10 regional assembly centres and 24 local maintenance centres and supervised by about thirty Technical Agents and Chief Checkers, not including the responsible Depot Managers.



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