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Continue to innovate

We must continue to develop imaginative solutions to optimize our asset portfolio in coming years because, whatever we do to maintain current production levels, those are set to ineluctably decline. But just as we have created innovative solutions for Block 17 – winning two OTC prizes, in 2003 for Girassol and in 2013 for Pazflor and an IPTC price in 2005 for Clov – I have absolute confidence in our technical and human ability to identify, explore, develop, and exploit new reservoirs in line with EP’s development strategy.

Our main challenge in coming years is to manage and develop Total’s assets in AngolaTotal AngolaShow more in the blocks where Total E&P AngolaTotal AngolaShow more is the operator –17/92, 17/06, 32, 33, 25, and 40 – as well as those assets operated by others where we have interests (0, 14, ALNG, and 39). With the arrival of our 4th FPSO on the CLOV field in 2014 and the PBF projects, we will boost production in Block 17. In parallel, we are getting ready to begin the development of Kaombo in Block 32, and to push ahead with our exploration at the Kwanza basin, with drilling set to begin in Blocks 25, 39, and 40, as well as in the Lower Congo (Block 32). This will mean more work for Total in AngolaTotal AngolaShow more, together with Sonangol and our partners.

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