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CLOV, a high technology universe

One of my best memories from this project is still that November day in 2013 when FPSO CLOV arrived in Porto Amboim. It was a particularly touching moment to see the 305m giant appear out of the inky darkness, all lighted up, after a 75-day trip. Everyone in the shipyard and on the FPSO knew that they were part of an important, symbolic moment for AngolaTotal AngolaShow more;all the more important because CLOV signified a new era for the country’s local contribution, it being the very first time that a highly technical module had been manufactured in Paenal and successfully fitted to the FPS. Seven of the project’s eight manifolds are also Angolan-made, and at completion of the project, over 10 million man-hours were performed in AngolaTotal AngolaShow more. To top it all, CLOV boasts excellent HSE results. There was not a single fatal accident in the 30 million man‑hours spent on the project. For the FPSO for example, this means over 16 million hours worked without an accident. These excellent results were made possible by effective communication between the project’s HSE teams and those working for our sub‑contractors. And indeed, safety will remain a daily concern for the teams involved. CLOV also set a number of technical challenges, including the design of a “100% electric” FPSO, with power supplied by turbogenerators running on the gas produced. This electricity, distributed throughout the FPSO, is used to power machinery such as gas compressors. The variable speed drives meant that only the power needed by the surface and subsea facilities is supplied, with no excess. 1400m below the FPSO, which is really just the tip of the iceberg, an undersea city spreads across the ocean floor with wells, manifolds, multi-phase pumps, production and water injection lines, and umbilical cables... It’s a high-tech world that demonstrates man’s constant endeavor to improve.

The project have been successful thanks to a cohesive project team:

Vice Director: François BICHON; HSE manager: Howell JONES; Quality control: Michel RACINE; GG&R: Frédéric MERLET; FPSO: Patrick VALLOT; SURF; Vince DOYLE then Cyril de COATPONT; SPS/MPP; Philippe COUDEVILL; Drilling/ Wells; Paulo GUIMARAES; Production: Ludovic LINNE; Project Control: Daniel GAUTIER de Carville then Jerome NIXON; Local Content: Marc GILLARD; Partnership relations and Sonangol: Olivier MIHINDOU then Steve HOLLAND.

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