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Charles Lambert - CEO of Atlantic Antar-Pétroles

Born in Mécleuves (Moselle) on May 22, 1897. Strasbourg Institute of Chemistry, National School of Petroleum and Engines. Engineer at the Pechelbronn refinery, at the very source of French oil, he was sent to the United States from 1924 to 1928.
He returns to manage Huiles Antar and prepare the modernization of the Donges refinery. He participated in the design of the Lavéra-Karlsruhe (PLSE) pipeline, of which he will be president. CEO of Antar-Pétroles de l'Atlantique and other companies of the ANTAR group, including Pechelbronn SAEM, of SOCAL, a company jointly owned by Antar and Petrofina, of the Société de la raffinerie de Strasbourg, of its pipeline attached. Vice-president of Antargaz, administrator of Rhin & Rhône and the Société des schistes bitumineux. Died in 1961.

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