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Brief summary of TOTAL's activities in Japan

The Compagnie Française des Pétroles (CFP) decided to open a Japanese representation in the mid-1950s (1957). Total Trading International (TTI), based in Geneva, now represents the TOTAL Group in Japan.

This decision followed a review of Japanese developments and its rapid start after the Pacific War. With its accelerated industrial development, without regional competition and with American aid, devoid of its own resources, the country's long-term supply of resources had become a fixed idea. The attention of the Japanese authorities was obviously focused first on the Middle East, since it had the largest reserves of liquid hydrocarbons, and on the main players (in particular the oil companies and national companies).

Rapidly the discoveries and existing production (e.g. Minas) in South East Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia) also enabled the Japanese government to diversify resources.

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