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Bitumen Online : The Fixed-Price Bitumen Purchasing Platform celebrated its second anniversary

Launched in April 2015 in FrancePays FranceShow more, Bitumen Online is the first digital platform that enables our customers to purchase bitumen online – at a fixed price – and thereby minimize their exposure to the risk of price fluctuations. 

An innovative response to the question of what our bitumen customers expected from us.Thanks to an automated data flow, implemented in collaboration with TOTSA, the prices are updated every 3 minutes.

Easy to use, accessible, traceable and scalable, Bitumen Online is a great example of how we are improving our customer relations. Now, thanks to the digital platform, the same operation takes our customers just two minutes and four clicks from their PC, tablet or smartphone, with special algorithms guaranteeing that forward prices are updated in real time.

Two years after the initiation of the succesful fixed price deals project, two new features have been implemented : "Ma commande" (My supplies) which lets them place orders online and track deliveries in real time and via geotracking"Mon exposition" (My exposure) a innovative service that help our customers to log their projects and assess and manage their exposure to bitumen price risk  After being tested in a pilot phase in 2016, these new features are now available for clients in FrancePays FranceShow more.The bitumen into the digital era : Client Event at Total CoupoleTo introduce and promote the platform but also to engage prospects and clients in the digital transformation of our business, Total Marketing FrancePays FranceShow more organized a special event and gathered one hundred people at the Coupole Tower in Paris ( Total SA headquarters ) on the 9th of March.At this event, clients and prospects had the opportunity to understand better the challenges of the bitumen business and the potential of the Bitumen Online platform thanks to plenary sessions, workshops and demos.

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