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Ayrton Senna: A Brazilian pride

Who doesn’t know Ayrton Senna, right?

He is a hero for the Brazilian people and a reference for many around the world. Up to today, he inspires everyone with his example and living values.

Since he was 4 years old, he already knew what he wanted to be, kart racing with the incentive of his father. When he was 9, he used to drive Jipes and when he turned 13 he competed officially.

Senna’s beginning in Formula 1 races happened in 1984 for Toleman’s team. In the nineties, ELF had the opportunity to sponsor him during one F1 season. ELF brand was present in his helmet, overalls and car.

He’s never hidden that the second place didn’t interest him. Senna was 65 times in pole positions, 80 times in podium, and won races 41 times (13 of those in wet tracks). He has been world champion for 3 times. Senna used to say that “winning is what matters, the rest is a consequence”. He taught us that we have to be our best and do the best we can at work and in life.

Besides being a great professional in the automobilist business, he’s created a brand and the character Senninha.

In his private life, he enjoyed being around family and friend, who always speak of him as someone supportive, attentive, who didn’t measure efforts to be around those he loved. He also paid attention to the fans he met along his way.

Unfortunately Senna died in a car accident during the F1 race in Ímola, Italy, in May 1st, 1994, leaving a legion of fans sad for the loss of a beloved idol.

Ayrton Senna left his legacy with Ayrton Senna institute, founded by his family in November, 1994. The institute aims to develop the potential of children and youths. In its 23 years of existence, the institute helped over 22 million kids, providing them opportunities thru education.

His death also left the challenge of turning the competition safer for the pilots. Tracks have been redesigned, cars passed through more rigid tests and new rules are in place to strengthen the safety of the pilots, the professionals of the field and the audience.

He’ll be unforgettable, because he was the person who accomplished his mission to be the best in everything he decided to do, and still leaves his contribution to the world.

TOTAL and its employees are proud to have had this partnership in our history, with a person who always represented character, dedication, humbleness and professionalism.


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