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Armand de Grouchy - Representative of the French oil company (Compagnie française des pétroles) in London, administrator of Iraq Petroleum

Born in 1895. Engaged in the cavalry at the start of the First World War, which he finished as an officer and without family, he left for the United States in 1919, attended a university in Virginia, then got hired in a factory as a worker at the Baldwin Locomotive. Shortly after, he worked in the American petroleum industry. In 1923, he became director of a small refinery in Poland. In 1925 he met Jules Mény and became one of his closest collaborators at Steaua Romana. In 1934 he left petroleum for agriculture, not without performing a few missions on behalf of the CFP (Compagnie Française des pétroles), notably in Paraguay and VenezuelaTotal au VenezuelaShow more. In 1944 he returned to the Company as permanent representative, because the CFP needed someone he could trust to regain his full place within Iraq Petroleum, with, among other things, the lifting of the receiver, the negotiation of new Heads of agreement and the development of activity in countries other than Iraq. He accompanied the CFP in all its stages in the Middle East during the 1950s and became president of ADMA (Abu Dhabi Marine Area). He died in 1965. Note that he was married to Meta van den Broek of Obrenan, a relative of the PSC secretary general during the same period. 

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