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Approach subjects with a different prism

I joined the Total group in 2003 after a first experience in strategy consulting. Graduated from ESC Reims business school completed by a Masters in Organization and Strategy Consulting at EM Lyon, I belong to a minority species in the house, the "non-engineers". My arrival was quite confusing ... It turns out that the marketing position to which I had applied and for which I had been selected, was filled internally during my notice, a few weeks before I took up my post ... Suddenly Human Resources directed me towards a completely different function… I found myself in a completely unknown land, IT, without any knowledge in this area, in charge of internal service offers and service agreements between IT and its customers. Fortunately, I like challenges! I took things on the right side, I approached the subject with a new eye and the desire to improve the image of the IT which was known as "stopper ahead". I set up the first service contracts with commitments to take calls into account, support customers and resolve incidents for our users ... And also, communication on the rights and duties of customers internally. A real change!

Develop collaborative work, reinvent mobility

Three years later, Microsoft launched Sharepoint and was looking for major accounts in Europe to test it. I was then responsible for exploring, testing, and seeing how this tool could improve collaborative work at Total ... a first in Europe! A one-year mission before joining the Perspectives 2008 project. Another challenge: harmonizing the IT management model (operating modes, procedures, tools, etc.) for all of the Group's headquarters and subsidiaries. A huge challenge where everything had to be invented to improve the efficiency of the Group's IT ... The good news is that the organization we had designed is still current!

In 2010, after a break for maternity leave, the CIO of the Group asked me to "reinvent mobility", that is to say to optimize the working conditions of employees on the move, in hubs or in telework. , with a computer and a mobile phone. We had weaknesses in terms of mobility: very high smartphone maintenance costs and too low a level of security, communication difficulties abroad… The iPhone discovered in Asia, then the arrival of the iPad, have made a difference. A turning point for remote work and data security. In a few months, maintenance costs have been divided by fifty ...

I then had the chance to work on the impact of the creation of the MS (Marketing & Services) and RC (Refining & Chemicals) branches on IT (data centers, telecoms links, pricing of services) in two. In 10 years, IT has experienced a real transformation and I felt that I lacked the technical bases to really understand the increasingly complex problems that I had to address: Either I was training, or I was leaving ...

I must say that I have always been amazed by the responsibilities that have been given to me. I believe that the Group has always had more ambition for me than I had myself ... Perhaps because I had managed to get out of IT without technical training, by proving that the 'we can approach the issues with a more organizational prism.

From IT to innovation, including training

The Training Director of the Marketing Services branch was looking for someone to do training engineering on technical subjects ... Banco! I launched the MOOC "Innovate and undertake in a digital world" with Télécom ParisTech. Then, with Christine Halliot, director of innovation for Marketing & Services (MS), I imagined a serious game, Play INN, intended to educate 32,000 employees about innovation, in 134 countries and in 19 languages! We have reached a target of 85% completion with MS staff.

With the creation of Total Global Services (TGS), I joined Total Learning Solution and was in charge of training the Group's strategists. Their tools - the marketing materials of the Strategy Department of the MS (Marketing & Services) as well as the business models of the Strategy Department of the PE (Exploration & Production) - had to be usable in subsidiaries.

After these multiple experiences, I was coming to the end of a cycle, I didn't see too many prospects opening up in the group… I started to activate my networks, contact headhunters… Ready to leave Total. The day I wanted to resign, HR asked me for 15 days to think things over and organized 14 meetings with group leaders to discuss my career. At the end of these interviews, I was offered three positions, including the Innovation Department of the Gas Renewables & Power (GRP) branch, which immediately won me over!

I was right to shake up the system once again ... I was able to bounce back on this very beautiful function, carrying meaning in a context of will to reduce our environmental footprint!

Accelerate the transformation of the group, reduce its environmental footprint

My job today? Encourage the emergence of disruptive projects, ensure that we prepare for the future. The innovation is part of the DNA of Gaz Renewables & Power (GRP). I am here to accelerate the time to market by proposing, depending on the needs of intrapreneurs or projects, a budget, a skill, a link with R&D or external stakeholders. My goal is to lift the brakes and protect innovation by triggering patents ... GRP has a very different approach to subjects from the rest of the Group, we don't sell oil or gas. Our problem is access to the markets for our solar and wind projects, it is the retention of our electricity customers, but also market knowledge of our Saft products, for example. We must give visibility to the projects of all of these SMEs that we bought (Direct Energie, Saft, etc.).

Since November 2018, I have also been responsible for the Total Eco Solutions program carried out by GRP which irrigates the entire Group. The idea is to industrialize the reduction of the environmental and health footprint of our products, services and processes. My objective is to make the reduction of our footprint a marketing tool, a differentiator compared to our competitors and the aim of our transformation.

In 2017, Patrick Pouyanné wanted to boost this initiative, external stakeholders joined the reflection to help us think about transformation, as well as experts (carbon, life cycle, recyclability, commitment to sustainable development). All the branches are around the table. I am pushing a new innovation methodology "Innovation Factor 4," to develop solutions with low environmental impact in our activities. I am also thinking about creating an eco-innovation or eco-design place in partnership with Greenflex, in order to help the branches that need to transform ... Motivation is strong, as EP (Exploration & Production) is volunteered to test the evaluation grid for its eco-impacts and the method on the theme of Marine Seismic Processes. On the staff side, there is a real enthusiasm for this project, linked to the weariness of being stigmatized as "polluters", with the desire to get involved in an in-depth transformation to reduce the environmental footprint. For me, this is the most interesting job in the Group!

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