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"ANTAR", a legendary name

In the 1920s, the leaders of Pechelbronn in Alsace defined a strategy to take into account the evolution of the oil market and the promising future of the automotive industry.

Thus on June 4, 1926, the new Merkwiller-Pechelbronn refinery was inaugurated and the first Antar oils appeared.

But why ANTAR?

We had to find a short name that sounds good and can be easily remembered by consumers.

When the brand was chosen, two artistic events where the Chevalier Antar appeared were a real success: an opera set to music by Gabriel Dupont and a ballet by Diaghilev.
The virtues of the hero Antar pleased the leaders of Pechelbronn and the fact of starting with an A immediately placed ANTAR at the top of the oil lists and statistics, classified in alphabetical order.
A strategy that modern marketing would not deny.

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