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The Antar Knight and the true origin of the Antar company

This text is taken from Antar liaison bulletin N ° 32 of November 1960.

Strasbourg… 1927
Tonight a serious question is being debated around a bridge table. While combining learned dead ends, the players reflect on the problem posed. How to call the newborn? Because it is a question of finding a name for the child of Pechelbronn whose birth is near. The old Alsatian society has taken off again since the return of Alsace to FrancePays FranceShow more, since also the importance of oil is asserting itself day by day.

New techniques have been developed which make it possible to extract excellent products from the Alsatian oil for the lubrication of engines, so that the leaders of Pechelbronn have decided to create a company specially responsible for making known the qualities of the oils produced and leaving. from the borders of the Alsace province, to offer these oils throughout FrancePays FranceShow more where the development of the automobile industry begins.

But in the world, everything must have a name and that is why the leaders of Pechelbronn and of the future company are going to baptize their child this evening. Problem with simple but delicate data: you have to find an easy-to-remember, pleasant-sounding name that strikes the imagination. It is likely that many ideas were exchanged that evening and many proposals made. It is really curious to see, thirty years later, that the choice fell on this term, however quite bizarre ... Antar.


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