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The ANTAR brand has shone for 84 years

In Alsace, Pechelbronn S.A. Exploitation Minière founded the Société Alsacienne des Carburants (SOCALINE) which launched oil in 1926 under the brand ANTAR.

It was in 1927 that the Société des Huiles ANTAR (S.H.A.) was created to distribute lubricants manufactured by Pechelbronn.

The name "ANTAR, Huile de FrancePays FranceShow more" born after the economic crisis of 1929 is known to all motorists and the slogans on national preference are heard. Car manufacturers such as Delage, Hotchkiss, Mathis and Amilcar recommend ANTAR oil.

In 1931 the technicians of the Pechelbronn refinery looked for new products to meet the needs of the automotive industry: Antar Gel and Antar Sport were launched.
The Pechelbronn Group's fuel distribution network, previously limited to the east and south-east (SOCALINE), extends to the west and the center through the Société Française des Pétroles Essences et Naphtes (PEN).

Pechelbronn founded in 1933 a new subsidiary Pechelbronn-Ouest (POSA) which built a refinery in Donges (Loire Atlantique) next to the one created in 1932 by the importing company of Petroleum Consumers (C.P.).

In 1933, the President of the Republic Albert Lebrun visited the Antar stand at the Salon de la Qualité.

The year 1934 was marked by a technical feat: ANTAR, well ahead of all companies, incorporated a solid lubricant "graphite" in its engine oil
The fuel distribution network includes 2,000 P.E.N.pumps. and 1,300 SOCAL pumps. War unfortunately halted the development of the ANTAR brand.

From 1940 the war and the invasion devastated the organization of ANTAR.

In 1944 the Pechelbronn refinery was 90% destroyed by the bombing of American aviation.

From the liberation in 1945, while Pechelbronn raises the ruins of Merkwiller, POSA and the Consumers of Petroleum (P.O.) rebuild their factories in Donges.

In 1949, we witnessed the regrouping of the Group's commercial organizations: SOCAL merged with S.H.A. which takes the name of ANTAR - Société Anonyme d'Exploitations Pétrolières (S.A.E.P.) then in 1950 it is the same for PEN.

Between 1952 and 1953, ANTAR S.A.E.P., SERCO, SOCA and STARDIS (Worms) united their distribution network under the brand name ANTAR, then in 1954 the merged networks took the name of ANTAR Pétroles de l'Atlantique.

Beginning of the decline in mining at Pechelbronn in 1955 and successively mining, drilling and pumping ceased.

Launch in 1956 of the ANTAR "Double S²" which quickly became known for its golden container and its high qualities of multigrade oil.

In 1958, the network included 212 official stations and 3,845 resellers, making a total of 11,677 distributors.

Technical and advertising revolution in 1961 with the ANTAR Molygraphite "Oil of the year 2000".

A major advertisement in 1966 was that of the "Gaulois" ANTAR Molygraphite.

New technical conquest in 1968 by the marketing of ANTAR Molygraphite Multigrade. That same year, the company took the name of ANTAR Pétroles de l'Atlantique.

ANTAR oils are widely used in the automotive, industrial, agricultural and marine sectors.

Final closure of the Pechelbronn refinery in 1970 and in the years that followed, the elf Group took control of the ANTAR Group.

It was in 1999 that the TOTAL Group absorbed the elf Group.

Dissolution and cancellation of the company ANTAR in 2005, the company TOTAL however retained the brand in terms of lubricants until 2009.

This is how the long history of the ANTAR brand ends.

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