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André Pilliard - CEO of the Auxiliary Navigation Company

Born July 6, 1914 in Clairefontaine (Yvelines). He is the son of Maurice Pilliard, president of the Auxiliary Navigation Company. Lycée Pasteur (Neuilly), Collège Saint-François de Sales (Évreux), Lycée Saint-Louis (Paris), National Institute of Agronomy, National School of Water and Forests; water and forest engineer.
General guard of waters and forests in 1939, chief of district in Châteauroux (1940) then in Fez (1941-1946). Joined the Auxiliary Navigation Company in 1946, where he was secretary-general, then director-secretary-general (1948), administrator and deputy director-general (1965), director-general (1968), vice-CEO (1968) and CEO (of 1971 to 1977). At the same time, he was director general (1965) and CEO (1971-1973) of the African Armament Company. He is one of the key men of the Total group's maritime transport since the Second World War, where it was almost necessary to start from zero, until the restructuring of the branch in 1978. It is less understood today, but all the large integrated oil companies needed a developed transport sector, with fleets in perpetual renewal, mainly because of political events like those which affected the Suez Canal in 1956, then in 1967. In addition, the shipyards were for FrancePays FranceShow more a privileged sector of industrial and territorial policy. Administrator of the Naval Oil Division of the CFP, the CFR. Director of Sanara (General Navigation and Transport Company), AGF. Vice-president of the Central Shipowners Committee of FrancePays FranceShow more (1972-1978). Died in 1995.

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