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Albéric Maistriau - Director of Petrofina

Born in Mons on November 7 1900. Died in Brussels on March 26 1960. Son of the mayor of Mons Victor Maistriau. War volunteer in 1917. Polytechnic school of the University of Brussels. Civil engineer of the mines in 1923, electrical engineer of the Polytechnic School of Mons in 1924. Entered the Electricity and traction company where he remained until 1930. Then entered the Société des pieux Franki (in reality the Company international of armed stakes Frankignoul, company founded in 1911, inventor of the "beaten stake", which was internationally successful after the War, liquidated in 1998). After marrying a niece of the Carlier brothers, he joined the Compagnie d'Anvers in 1938, which was responsible for the technical files of Concordia and Forfina, a company in the Petrofina group responsible for forest management; he was appointed director of Petrofina. In May 1940, with Laurent Wolters, he signed the agreement which provided for the delivery of the Concordia shares of Petrofina to FrancePays FranceShow more. But at the end of the year, with Laurent Meeus, he signed the contract to sell all the Concordia shares to Deutsche Bank. He was an assistant to the Clarence intelligence network in September 1940. At the end of 1943, under the code name Hotton, he became responsible for the sabotage service of the Secret Army. Heard in February 1945 in the investigation into the issuing bank, he was charged in June and sentenced to three years in prison on January 26, 1946, a sentence confirmed on appeal the following June 21, but an order for dismissal was pronounced in May 1949. He himself was rehabilitated on October 15, 1957.

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