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51 years with Total Senegal and still operational!

In 1966, I was barely 25 years old and with my personal capital I opened the Total Route de Gossas station, a station that produced just 8,000 litres/month.

René Delors was my general manager at the time. Later, thanks to my good results, he assigned me to the Total Centre in Kaolack. Then after a year and a half, in 1968 I was transferred to the Route des Puits station in Dakar under the supervision of Mr THIBAULT who left in 1970. I stayed there for 34 years from 1968 to 2002! We achieved excellent results with 30,000 litres of mixes per month: it was enormous at the time because the traffic was not as developed as it is today. By way of comparison, today we make 400,000 litres/month of all products combined.

Then in 2002, I was assigned to Total Centenaire. Today, I've been a service station manager with the Total Group for 51 years and I'm very proud of it! No one has ever dumped my truck for me, never, until today, despite my age, I watch over the operation. 

I had the chance to meet many Total managers, including Mr René Delors, Mr Mercier Ethié, Mr Loridon and Mr Dumont, who died in Tunisia, who have given me a lot and for whom I felt a great deal of sympathy.
My secret for such longevity? I've always relied on my own capital. I was able to take up many challenges because practicing this profession was not easy every day. What's more, as a young man, I had the commercial fibre, which is no longer the case today at 80, but I am still operational.

I owe a long and successful career like mine to Total, apart from the grace of God. The Group forged me and helped me become a man. I am proud and grateful for that.

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