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A 50 years birthday intended to help each other

In 2017 Total Caraïbes celebrated the 50th anniversary of Total's presence in Martinique. In order to celebrate this half-century, we could have opted for a classic commercial-type event, but on the side of the employees, the management team, as with our partners, we quickly felt the will to do something different, which illustrates our values, our local roots, our commitment to young Martiniquais.

The 50-year 50-boost operation was launched in June 2017 with the aim of increasing the employability of 50 young people in Martinique through five types of thumbs: driver's license, training, job search coaching, coaching in business creation and internship.

For a year, the young people selected benefited from the accompaniment of a godfather or godmother. This latter was a Total employee (service station manager, employee of Total Caraïbes headquarters, ...) or a client, a partner or a company supplier in Martinique.

Each sponsor shared its experience, skills, network or advice. This regular dialogue, in addition to the training actions, guaranteed a personalized approach and thus the success of each one. The dynamic created between the godson and his godfather makes this initiative meaningful. It is felt daily because the positive impact of the project goes beyond the 50 young people. This initiative contributes to humanizing our image among external audiences and reinforcing employees' sense of belonging.

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