Legal notice / contribution charter

1. Preamble

This moderation charter (hereinafter "the Charter") lays down the terms and conditions under which you could contribute to the WIKI website (hereinafter "the website" or "WIKI").

You agree to read and comply with this Charter by checking the box provided.

Our objective was to create a website, consisting of free testimonials bringing a knowledge of the history of TotalEnergies through all its branches. All contributions published on the WIKI were made public.

2. Who could contribute?

The contribution on WIKI was opened to anyone who had a link with the history of TotalEnergies: employees (active or former), retirees, TotalEnergies partners, clients, history fans, etc.

Everyone had the opportunity to submit texts, hypertext links, photography and videos under the conditions specified below with full responsibility.


3. What is moderation?

Contributions on the website were subject to a priori moderation, and the comments related to the contributions were subject to an a posteriori moderation Nevertheless contributors are responsible for their production.

As publisher of the website, TotalEnergies reserves the right not to unpublish any contribution and to remove any comment that infringes on the applicable law or the present Charter, or considered being off topic, repeated several times, promotional or rude.

You can notify administrators of any content that violates this Charter by e-mail at [email protected] or by postal mail at TotalEnergies S.E. - Direction de la Communication - Tour Coupole 2, place Jean Millier - 92400 COURBEVOIE FrancePays FranceShow more..


4. What are the golden rules to follow?

By being a contributor to the WIKI, you agreed that the content of your contributions complies with the laws and regulations in force, is not contrary to public order or morality and does not infringe on the rights of others.

  • Intellectual property

    • The contributor must hold all the intellectual property rights attached to any content that he wishes to submit for publication and in particular with regard to the photographs while ensuring respect of the image rights of the persons who can be identified in the photos . Where a photograph permits the identification of a person, the contributor must first obtain the agreement of the person concerned or his successors in title. Submission of any Content by a contributor is worth guarantee by the latter to TotalEnergies that the Contributor is the holder of any rights in or by virtue of an authorization / assignment by a third party and / or that the Content is free of rights. The liability of TotalEnergies cannot be sought as such. Contributions are made without charge and are not subject to any remuneration.

    • The Contributor exclusively assigns all his economic rights to exploit the contents he submits to WIKI to TotalEnergies SE. In particular, if the contents were protected under intellectual property law, the Contributor acknowledges and agrees to assign: the rights of representation on any medium (website, CD / DVD, paper ...), reproduction (including translation), exploitation, marketing and this for free and for the whole world. Exceptionally, the contributor waives his moral right in case his contents are reproduced without his name.

    • All information or documents (texts, animated or non-animated images, databases, sounds, photos, know-how, products mentioned) contained in the website and all the elements created for the website and its general structure are either the property of TotalEnergies SE or the TotalEnergies compagny, are subject to rights of use, reproduction and representation granted to the latter. These information, documents or elements are subject to the laws protecting copyright as soon as they are made available to the public on this website. No license, nor any right other than that of consulting the website, is conferred on anyone with regard to intellectual property rights. Reproduction of the documents on the website is authorized for the exclusive purposes of information for personal and private use. Any reproduction or use of a copy made for other purposes is expressly prohibited and requires the express prior authorization of the Company. In any case, the authorized reproduction of the information contained in this website must indicate the appropriate source and ownership statement.

    • Unless otherwise stated, the company names, logos, products and trademarks mentioned on this website are the property of TotalEnergies SE or the TotalEnergies compagny, or are the subject of rights of use, reproduction or representation which have been granted to them. They can not be used without the prior written permission of TotalEnergies S.E.

  • Respect and politeness: Insults, invective, harassment, disparagement and slanderous comments, to any contributor or against TotalEnergies, have no place on the Website. Any contribution intended to attack the reputation of a third party, to speak ill of it, to speak of it maliciously, and repetitively, shall be regarded as disparagement.

  • ​​Privacy: The disclosure of information relating to the private life of other contributors or any other person, the disclosure of information allowing the nominative and precise identification of a contributor using a pseudonym, the dissemination of  , postal or e-mail addresses and personal telephone numbers of anyone is prohibited.

  • Freedom of expression: The published contributions must respect the legislation in force and in particular the provisions of the law of 29 July 1881 about press freedom. Contributions must be free from:

    • all racist, xenophobic, revisionist, negationist mention;

    • any offensive, defamatory or discriminatory language directed at a person or a group of persons because of:

      • their origin, belonging or not belonging, true or supposed, to an ethnic group, nation, or religion;

      • their gender, sexual orientation or disability;

    • any offensive, defamatory or discriminatory language that infringes privacy, the image rights, or the reputation and rights of others;

    • any offense against human dignity;

    • any provocation to violence, suicide, terrorism and the use, manufacture or distribution of illegal or illicit substances;

    • any provocation, apology or incitement to commit crimes or offenses and more particularly crimes against humanity;

    • any advertisement;

    • any false news;

    • any pedo-pornographic content.

5. Legal information

  • The company publishing the website:

TotalEnergies SE, a public limited company with a capital of 6,207,262,032.50 euros, whose registered office is at 2 Place Jean Millier - La Défense 6 - 92400 Courbevoie, registered with the Trade and Companies Register (RCS) of Nanterre Number 542 051 180.

VAT number: FR 59 542 051 180.
Phone: 01 47 44 60 00
E-mail address: [email protected]
Publication Director: Communications Department
TotalEnergies S.E.

The companies of the TOTAL group have their own legal existence and have an autonomous legal personality. TotalEnergies S.E. who created this website belongs to the group TotalEnergies. The terms "TotalEnergies" and "TotalEnergies group" are sometimes used for practical reasons and generally refer to TotalEnergies S.E. (the holding company) and / or its subsidiaries. Similarly, the terms "us", "our", "our" refer to TotalEnergies S.E. or any other company of the TotalEnergies compagny in general. It can not be deduced from the simple use of these expressions any involvement of TotalEnergies S.E., or any of its subsidiaries in the affairs or management of another company of the TotalEnergies compagny.

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