TotalEnergies in Denmark


Establishment of the marketing affiliate Elf in Denmark.


Production of oil starts from the Dan field


Total acquires all of Maersk's oil and gas activities

In early 1904, the creation of the future Maersk Group starts taking shape. In 1964 Elf established its first marketing subsidiary in the country.


1904 - 1965

  • 1904: A.P. Møller and his father Peter Mærsk Møller found Aktieselskabet Dampskibsselskabet Svendborg, which will become the Maersk group, mainly engaged in shipping.
  • 1928: Maersk enters the oil tanker sector.
  • 1957: Creation of Maersk Refinery in Copenhagen.
  • 1960: A.P. Möller proposes to the Danish Government to take care of the research and the oil development of all Denmark.
  • 1962: A.P. Möller receives the "sole concession" for the exploration and exploitation of the oil of the Danish basement. Constitution of DUC (Danish Undergrunds Consortium) between AP Möller, Gulf and Shell. Creation of Dansk Boreselskab, which will become Maersk Oil.
création de Maersk Oil
  • 1964: establishment of the Marketing affiliate ELF in Denmark

  • 1965: Chevron and Texaco join DUC. In October, 1st exploration well in Rønde on the Djursland peninsula.

1st drilling onshore
First drilling onshore in Rønde , 1965

1966 - 1983

  • 1966: Dansk Boreselskab discovers the Kraka deposit.
Clomar IV exploration vessel
Glomar IV Exploration Vessel on the Kraka Field in the North Sea, 1967, Jens Nymose
  • 1968: Dansk Boreselskab discovers the deposits of Igor and Tyra.
  • 1969: Dansk Boreselskab discovers the Roar deposit.
  • 1971: End of negotiations between Germany and Denmark for delimitation of the border between the continental shelves. Discoveries of the fields of Dan and Gorm. DUC launches Dan's development.
  • 1972: Dansk Boreselskab begins production of Dan on July 4th.
  • In March, the Government establishes a national company for the transport of gas (Dansk Naturgas A / S), which becomes in 1973 DONG (Dansk Olie og Naturgas A / S)
  • 1975: Gulf leaves DUC, Chevron becomes operator of the concession except Dan, which is operated by Dansk Boreselkab. Discovery of Svend.
  • 1977: Dansk Boreselskab discovers the Skjold, Valdemar and Akka deposits.
  • 1979: A gas agreement is concluded between DUC and DONG. Dansk Boreselskab discovers the Regnar deposit.
  • 1980: Dansk Boreselskab discovers the Harald deposit.
  • 1981: Dansk Boreselskab negotiates a new agreement with the Government. Discovery of Rolf. Beginning of Gorm's production
installation of the first platform
Installation of the first platform in Dan's field in the presence (from left to right) of Professor Th.Sorgenfrei, Chief Engineer Bent Røigaard-Petersen, Gulf Director Chris Anderson and Vice President Ib Kruse, 1971

1984 - 2017

  • 1984: Dansk Boreselskab becomes Maersk Oil. Maersk Oil discovers the deposits of Elly and Gert. Start of gas production in Tyra. Petrofina is taking stakes in three concessions in Denmark, including one onshore.
  • 1986: Chevron withdraws from DUC, Maersk becomes the sole operator of the Consortium's concession. Beginning of Rolf's production.
  • 1989: Elf acquires an 8.7% interest on two offshore blocks.
  • 1990: The Elf Aquitaine Group enters two new offshore blocks.
  • 1991: Maersk Oil starts production of Kraka and Dagmar.
  • 1992: DUC (Maersk Oil) discovers the Lulita deposit.
  • 1993: Maesk Oil starts production of Regnar and Valdemar. Elf Aquitaine sells upstream interests in Denmark.
Gisement de Valdemar
Valdemar deposit in 2006, Bent Sørensen
  • 1996: Maesk Oil starts production of Roar and Svend.
  • 1997: Petrofina closes the Sigma Coatings plant.
  • 1998: Maesk Oil begins production of Lulita in the North Sea of ​​Denmark.
  • 2001: Explosion on the field of Gorm.
  • 2002: Maesk Oil starts production of Halfdan.
  • 2003: The DUC concession is confirmed for a period of up to 2042.
  • 2005: Maersk Oil seizes Kerr Mc Gee's assets in the North Sea.
  • 2010: TOTAL obtains an 80% stake in June and the role of license operator 1/10 (Nordjylland) and 2/10 (Frederoskilde), after approval by the Danish Energy Agency. These onshore licenses cover areas of approximately 3,000 km² and 2,300 km² respectively. The objectives pursued belong to a "shale gas" theme.
  • 2012: The Danish state enters the DUC Consortium by 20%.
  • 2014: Maersk inaugurates the Center for Oil and Gas at the University of Technology at Kongens Lyngby.
  • 2015-2016: Maersk Oil begins production of the new platform at Tyra Southeast. TOTAL makes the shale gas exploration license (80%, operator) acquired in 2010, in July for the license 2/10 (Nordsjaelland).
  • 2016: TOTAL makes the shale gas exploration license (80%, operator) in June for the 1/10 license (Nordjylland).
  • 2017: Following the completion of the Maersk Oil transaction, the Group holds 31.2% of the operated assets of the Danish Undergrunds Consortium in the North Sea.

Since 2018

  • 2018: Maersk Oil joins Total.