Total in United Arab Emirates


CFP discovers Murban field in Abu Dhabi


CFP discovers Umm Shaïf field in Abu Dhabi


CFP discovers Zacum field in Abu Dhabi


Discovery and production of the Bu Hasa field


Discovery of the Asab deposit


Discovery of the Fateh deposit in Dubai


ADMA discovers Bunduq field in Abu Dhabi


Potential deposits at Zubaya, Rumaitha and Zarrara




Creation of ZADCO


Total takes a stake in Taweelah power plant


TOTALFINAELF signs the first DOLPHIN project agreements


First agreements for a melamine plant


Renewal of agreements for the JV with GASCO


Construction of Shams Solar Power Plant


Total and ADNOC sign Agreement for Unconventional Exploration Program

TOTAL's operations are located in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, where the Group established operations in 1939 and 1954, respectively.


Since 1935

  • In July 1935, Iraq Petroleum set up structures to launch initial research in Qatar and Abu Dhabi (formalized in 1936).

  • In 1953, in Abu Dhabi, the CFP receives an agreement to participate up to 33.33% in two companies that AIOC is about to set up, ADMA and DUMA. The CFP discovers the Murban field in Abu Dhabi.

  • 1954, in Abu Dhabi, Commander Cousteau launches the first underwater explorations with the Calypso.


Exploration sous-marine dans le Golfe Persique dirigée par le commandant Cousteau, 1954
Underwater exploration in the Persian Gulf led by Commander Cousteau, 1954


  • 1957, Abu Dhabi, the CFP discovers the Umm Shaïf deposit by ADMA (CFP 33.3%).

  • In 1959, the CFP finds significant oil evidence in Murban (Abu Dhabi).

  • 1962, Abu Dhabi, in September, the CFP inaugurates the facilities of Das Island. Beginning of the development of Umm Shaif's field. PD (Trucial Coast) becomes ADPC (Abu Dhabi Petroleum Development Cy).

  • 1963, Abu Dhabi, September, the PSC confirms the potential of the Umm Shaif field, discovered in 1958, and puts into production. December, the Zakum field is discovered.


Inauguration du nouveau gisement d'Umm Shaïf à Abu Dhabi par le Sheikh Chakhbout ben Sultan Al Nahyane et Victor de Metz, 1962
Inauguration of the new Umm Shaïf deposit in Abu Dhabi by Sheikh Shakhbout bin Sultan Al Nahyane and Victor de Metz, 1962


  • 1964, Abu Dhabi, the Bu Hasa deposit is discovered and put into production. CONOCO enters DUMA (Dubai Marine) for 50%.

  • 1965, Abu Dhabi, the CFP discovers the Asab deposit.


Champ de production Asab, 1974
Asab production field, 1974
  • 1966, CONOCO discovers the Fateh deposit (Dubai, oil) in association with the PSC.

  • In 1967, ADMA returns acreage, some of which is subject of an agreement with a consortium composed of Phillips, AGIP and Aminoil. ADMA discovers the Bunduq field (Abu Dhabi). The CFP develops the Zakum deposit in Abu Dhabi.


Installations offshore du complexe pétrolier de Zakum, 1968
Offshore installations of the Zakum Petroleum Complex, 1968
  • 1969, September, the Fateh field is put into production (Dubai, CFP 16 1/3%). The CFPtransfers to Hispanoil half of its stake in ADMA (25%), and delivers 30 MT over ten years.


Plate-forme de forage du champ de Fateh (Dubaï)
Fateh field drilling rig (Dubai)
  • In 1970, new potential deposits are identified in Zubaya, near Murban, Rumaitha and Zarrara. Total discovers the Bunduq field, on the border of Abu Dhabi and Qatar, and the first clues to Abu al Bu Koosh in the extension of the Iranian offshore field of Sassan.

  • 1971, the construction of the Al Aïn Agricultural Experimental Center begins in Abu Dhabi.

  • In 1973, Abu Dhabi, the decision to build an LNG terminal at Das Island is taken allowing ADNOC, BP and CFP to sell natural gas to Tokyo Electric Power.

Das Island – Séparateurs, 1972
Das Island - Separators, 1972
  • In 1976, the PSC strengthens its ties with Abu Dhabi, with the development of Abu Al Bu Khoosh and the evaluation of the Saath al Raaz Boot field. Total creates Total Agrosystems International, which is responsible for marketing dryland production processes developed at Maziad Farm in Abu Dhabi.


Installations du champ d'Abu Al Bukhoosh (ABK), au large d'Abu Dhabi, 1975
Abu Al Bukhoosh (ABK) field facilities, off Abu Dhabi, 1975
  • In 1977, the CFP signs an agreement with Abu Dhabi to develop and exploit the Zakum deposit: creation of a joint venture (Zadco).

  • In 1978, the CFP acquires a 15% interest in ADGIL (Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd.), which extracted 5 MT / year of LPG and condensates from ADPC's landfields from 1981 onwards.

  • In 1982, Total hands over to the government of Abu Dhabi the agricultural experiment center of Al Ain.


Centre expérimental agricole d'Al Ain, 1981
Al Ain Agricultural Experimental Center, 1981
  • 1989, in Abu Dhabi, reopening of the Gasco plant, mothballed in 1986, thanks to a sharp increase in associated gas production.


Usine de traitement du gaz GASCO, 1981 (extrait du film les flammes du désert)
GASCO gas treatment plant, 1981 (extract from the film the flames of the desert)
  • 1999, TotalFinaElf acquires a stake in Taweelah A1 and the related desalination plant in Abu Dhabi.

  • In the United Arab Emirates in 2000, the decline in oil production in Dubai was more than offset by increased hydrocarbon production at Abu Dhabi concessions. In 2000, production reaches 251,100 boe / d and accounts for 11.8% of the Group's production. TotalFinaElf signs with Enron and Abu Dahabien UOG the first Dolphin project agreements, which aims to bring gas extracted from the Qatari field of North Field by pipeline to Abu Dhabi and Dubai. In the Arabian Gulf, TotalFinaElf strengthens its presence in the gas chain in Abu Dhabi, where the Group wins, following an international tender, the proposed acquisition and extension of the power plant and the Taweelah A1 desalination plant, fueled by natural gas. The Group's interest is 20%.

  • 2004, Abu Dhabi, Total signs a memorandum of understanding for the construction of a melamine plant.

  • 2009, Total signs the agreements to renew its participation in the GASCO joint venture for a period of twenty years from 1 October 2008.

  • 2012, the construction of the Shams concentrated solar power plant continues. Spread over 250 hectares, these mirrors heat a fluid that is used to generate steam and produce electricity. The project allows the emirate to feed more than 30,000 people.


Centrale solaire Shams 1, 2012
Solar power plant Shams 1, 2012
  • 2015, since January 1st, the Group holds a 10% stake in the Abu Dhabi Company's concession for onshore Petroleum Operations Ltd. (ADCO) for a period of 40 years, following a previous onshore concession. This concession covers the 15 main fields on land of Abu Dhabi and accounts for more than half of the emirate's production.

  • 2018, since March, the Group holds a 20% stake in the Umm Shaif / Nasr offshore concession and 5% in the Lower Zakum offshore concession for a 40-year period operated by ADNOC Offshore, which follows the previous offshore concession of Abu Dhabi Marine Areas Ltd. (ADMA). In November, Total and the national company Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) sign a concession agreement to launch an unconventional gas exploration program in the Diyab prospection area.