Total in Switzerland


Creation of Charles Zobrist SA, representing the CFP (French Petroleum Company) in Switzerland


Creation of Air Total Switzerland


Creation of the CFP TOTAL Switzerland


Total Switzerland (except Air Total) is bought by GATOIL


Creation of ELF Oil

Total activities started in 1946 in Switzerland, with the creation of Charles Zobrist SA, representing the CFP in Switzerland.


1946 - 1999

  • 1946: Creation of Charles Zobrist SA, representing the activities of the CFP in Switzerland.

  • 1956, June 26: The CFP creates Air Total (Suisse) SA

  • 1959, May 29: The CFP creates CFP TOTAL (Switzerland) (It will become TOTAL (SWITZERLAND) SA in 1966)
    The activities of Air Total (Suisse) SA are transferred to CFP TOTAL (Switzerland).
    At the same date, Air Total (Suisse) SA becomes AIR TOTAL INTERNATIONAL SA.

  • 1961, September 30: ELF SUISSE SA is registered in the Geneva Trade Register

  • 1979, October 8: TOTAL (Suisse) SA is bought by GATOIL (excluding aviation activities), which is taken over in 1991 by TAMOIL. GATOIL sells TOTAL lubricants until the arrival of TAMOIL.
    Creation of the new Air Total (Suisse) SA taking over Total's aviation activities in Switzerland.

  • 1987, Elf acquires COGEGAL (GPL). It ceases to be marketed in 1995 to become ElfGaz, which will become Totalgaz.

  • 1994, December 15th: Creation of ELF OIL (Switzerland) SA

  • 1995, Air Total (Switzerland) SA re-markets Total lubricants in Switzerland.

  • 1999, October 28: Following the Total-Fina merger, acquisition of Fina Aviation-Chemicals in Lausanne. In addition to aviation, Air Total also markets Fina Special Fluids and Lubricants

Since 2000

  • 2000, with 2 successive reconciliations emerges the new oil group TOTALFINAELF from 01.01.2001:  TotalFinaElf (Suisse) SA

  • 2001, Elf (SUISSE) Aviation SA merges with ELF JET (SWITZERLAND) SA
    February 23rd : Resumption of Elf (SWITZERLAND) Aviation SA.
    June 1st : TotalFinaElf (Suisse) SA buys HUILES MINERALES SA, created in 1926 in Etagnières

    During the Totalfina-Elf merger, Air Total (Switzerland) SA transfers its non-aviation activities to TotalFinaElf (Switzerland) SA and retains the Aviation activities from the 3 companies. The company is operated as an Aviation Department of TotalFinaElf (Switzerland) SA then TOTAL (SWITZERLAND) SA.

  • 2003, The Group, renamed Total in May 2003, led the Swiss entity to take the name of TOTAL (SWITZERLAND) SA.

  • 2002-2003 Sale of Elf service stations to Tamoil.

  • 2011-2013, TOTAL (SWITZERLAND) SA buys Mazol and Portales & Bonnet.

  • 2014, TOTAL (SWITZERLAND) SA sells its LPG activities in Vitogaz, and those of General Trade and Logistics to Varo Energy. Maintain only Lubricants, Bitumen and Special Fluids. Closure of the Vernier offices.

  • 2014-2015: Following the reorganization of TOTAL (SWITZERLAND) SA, Air Total (Switzerland) SA found an autonomous operating structure. It is attached to Total's Aviation Division as a direct management subsidiary.

  • 2015: Start-up of the Austria / Switzerland Hub with centralization in Vienna of the entire administration of the remaining Swiss activities