Total in Spain


Start of Total activities in Spain


Petrofina joins CEPSA


Creation of Total Espana


Gaviota is under production


Elf opens 3 gas stations


Total assignment agreement for its participation in Cepsa

The Group is present in Spain since 1960, particularly in the fields of gas and electricity, renewable energy and the distribution of petrochemical products. 

1960 - 1987

  • 1960, SNPA, RAP, REPGA, Petrorep, create legal structures to launch exploration work in northern Spain.

  • 1962, Petrofina joins forces with the Spanish group CEPSA (Compania Espanola de Petroleos S.A) to explore concessions in the Bilbao region and Barcelona.

  • 1964, Creation of Petrolifera Espanola Total, which will become Total Espana in 1969.

  • 1965, SNPA explores in Spain.

  • 1975, Total takes interest on two licences off Barcelona.

Offshore exploration drilling off Barcelona
Offshore exploration drilling off barcelona. ©Dandrieux - Total
  • 1980, the CFP takes two new licences.

  • 1984, Elf prepares the production of the Gaviota field, whose recoverable resources are estimated at 12 Gm3 of gas and 600 KT of condensate.

  • 1985, Total stops its licences in Spain.

  • 1986, Production of the Gaviota gas field (Elf).

Development of the Gaviota platform in Bilbao
Development of the Gaviota platform in Bilbao
  • 1987, Elf Aquitaine drills for exploration at Viscaya B3.

  • 1987, Elf sets up a downstream subsidiary, Elf Espana, following the abolition of the State monopoly brought about by Spain’s accession to the European Common Market in 1986.

  • 1987, Petrofina purchases an engine oil company.

  • 1987, Atochem (Elf) takes over ARCO’s polystyrene activities.

1988 - 2019

  • 1988, Hutchinson takes the control of Catelsa Caceres

  • 1989, Elf opens three brand stations.

One of the three Elf Gas station in Miralla
One of the three Elf gas station in Miralla - DR Total


  • 1989, Sanofi joins forces with Bunge to set up a multi-seed joint subsidiary. The company also acquires Pagans SA (Gerona).

  • 1990, Atochem acquires the PVC business of Rio Rodano, a subsidiary of Rhône Poulenc in Spain.

Employee in the Atochem Plant
Employee in the Atochem Plant. ©Houlbreque Gérard - Total 
  • 1991, The participation in CEPSA, which purchased Ertoil recently, allows Elf to gain 25% market share in Spain.

  • 1993, Petrofina focuses on Spain for the distribution of fuels.

  • 1995, Under the agreement with Sterling Winthrop, Sanofi divests chemical platforms in Spain.

  • 1996, Total opens a deposit in Valencia.

  • 1996, Hutchinson makes several external growth operations as Vincke and Parets Ii *** 1996, In the Resin sector, Total group acquires a plant. Cray Valley purchases the balance (50%) of its Spanish subsidiary and a branch of Southern Clay Products.

  • 1998, The resin sector acquired Resisa.

  • 1999, The new TotalFina Group is the fourth largest polystyrene group in the world and decides to strengthen the capacities of Prat in Spain.

  • 2011, Total signs an agreement for the sale of its stakes in CEPSA, which owns 3 refineries and 1,750 service stations.