Total in Singapore


Elf is active in lubricants


Petrofina enters the lubricant markets


Elf Atochem starts a new unit of production


Total builds a new lubricant blending unit for Asia Pacific and starts it


Contact of GNL with Pavilion


Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions and Pavilion Gas sign a Memorandum of Understanding on Liquefied Natural Gas

The Group has been present in Singapore since the 1970s with its activity in Lubricants. The Group then developed its activities in specialty chemistry, then turned to LNG. Singapore is also important in trading activities.


1976 - 1999

  • 1976, Elf’s Southeast Asian lubricant branch in Singapore negotiates a manufacturing contract with Caltex.

  • 1978, Elf produces 315 tonnes of lubricants at its Singapore plant.

  • 1980, Elf creates a marine lubricants plant.

  • 1983, Elf creates Atochem South East Asia and the CFC Singaforane reconditioning unit in Singapore.

  • 1990, in the lubricant market, Petrofina acquires a 35,000 t/year blending plant in Singapore.

  • 1991, Elf inaugurates a 30,000-tonne-per-year lubricant production plant.

  • 1992, Total simplifies the organization of its trading activities, in particular for product trading, which now has three offices in New York, London and Singapore. Elf creates Elf Lubricant South East Asia holding company.


Trading room in Singapore
Trading room in Singapore. ©Walker Diana - Total 
  • 1993, Elf starts a new polystyrene unit in Singapore.

  • 1997, the production capacity of the polystyrene unit increases from 4000 to 12000 t/year. Styrofoam compounds manufactured in Singapore are coloured and fire-resistant grades intended for the electronics market.

  • 1999, Atochem launches a new site in Singapore.

2000 - 2019

  • In March 2013, Total announce the construction of a 310 kt/year lubricant production facility to meet the Asia-Pacific land and marine lubricants requirements.

  • 2014, Total signs an LNG sales contract with Pavilion. In November, the Group divests its polystyrene production site with a capacity of 95 kt/year.

polystyrene production site
Polystyrene production site. ©Laurent Zylberman - Total
  • In 2015, Total is commissioning the Group’s most modern lubricant production unit at the South Ace Industrial Complex. This plant replaces those of Pandan and Pioneer which came into service in 1991 and 1992.

Total plant in Tuas
Total plant in Tuas. ©Suzanne Lee / CAPA Pictures - Total
  • 2017, Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions and Pavilion Gas sign a Memorandum of Understanding on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as a Marine Fuel in Singapore. As part of this agreement, Pavilion Gas is supplying LNG to Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions – Total’s global marine fuel marketing subsidiary – can supply LNG to its maritime customers in the port of Singapore.

  • 2018, Total and Pavilion Energy, through their subsidiaries Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions and Pavilion Gas sign an agreement to jointly develop a supply chain for liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the port of Singapore. The agreement concerns the joint long-term charter of a new generation supply ship to be commissioned by Pavilion Gas in 2020. It also includes an LNG supply system that will allow Total to supply its LNG customers with bunker LNG.