Total in Romania


Concordia gets new concessions in Romania


WENGER contracts between Petrofina and the CFP


Total entrance on the LPG market


Creation of Total Lubrifin


The Brasov Lubricants Factory opens

Total started its activities in Romania in 1933.


1933 - 2019

  • 1933, Petrofina, Concordia gets new concessions in Romania.

Ouvrage de caricatures intitulé « Concordiada caricaturi de M. Dodoi »
A caricature entitled "Concordiada caricaturi by Mr. Dodoi"


  • 1936, May 5th, Petrofina and the PSC sign contracts with Romania for the supply of products, known as "Wenger Contracts", named according to the CEO of Petrofina, who is also a member of the PSC Board.

Derricks de forage en Roumanie
Drilling rigs in Romania


  • 1940, Pierre Angot and René de Panafieu are expelled from Romania. Petrofina is forced to sell Concordia to the Germans. At first, on January 21st, 1940, its long-term purchase contracts in Romania are refused by the General Petroleum Commissariat just created.

Portrait de M. de Panafieu, ingénieur pour la Société Ava Romania
Portrait of M. de Panafieu, engineer for the Ava Romania Company


  • 1947, the conditions of the peace treaty with Romania prohibit practically any continuation of activity of the Western companies (Petrofina, Steaua) in this country.

  • 1998, Elf signs a concession contract with Petromin on the Neptune license in the Black Sea.

signature elf petromin
Signature of the contract Elf Petromin
  • 2001, the Group acquires 4000 km of 2D seismic on the Offshore Block Neptune in the Black Sea.

  • 2002, the interpretation of the 2D seismic acquired in 2001 demonstrates the absence of prospectivity of the block Neptune, the latter is left without additional work.

  • 2005, the Group creates Total Lubrifin.

  • 2007, Hutchinson commissions a new production site in Brasov.

Extérieur de l'usine de lubrifiants Total de Brasov, en Roumanie, avec ses cuves de stockage.
Exterior of the Brasov lubricants plant, with its storage tanks.