Total in Qatar


The group enters Qatar as a partner in the Iraq Petroleum Company (IPC)


Creation of Qatar Petroleum Company (IPC subsidiary)


Discovery of Oil in Dukhan


Production starts in Dukhan


Nationalization of Qatar’s oil industry


Total becomes a partner in Qatargas 1 (gas production plus LNG plant) JV


Total awarded a Production Sharing Contract (PSC) for offshore block 6.


Total extent chemicals activities, Total acquires a stake in QAPCO Joint Venture


Total chosen to develop part of North Field – Total discover Al Khalij oil field, offshore Qatar


Qatargas1 begins production


Production starts at Al Khalij (Total operator)


Agreement for Ras Laffan Condensate Refinery


Total become a partner in Qatargas 2 JV


Starts of Dolphin gas export


Start of Qatargas 2 and of the Ras Laffan Refinery


Total establishes a Research Centre (TRCQ-Qatar)

Total’s relations with QatarPays QatarShow more date back to 1939 when it participated in the discovery of Dukhan Field within the concession area of QatarPays QatarShow more Petroleum Company, then affiliated to Iraq Petroleum Company. 



1935 - 1971

  • 1935, Iraq Petroleum creates structures that make possible to launch first searches in Qatar and Abu Dhabi (formalized in 1936).

  • 1939, At the end of the year, oil is discovered, but works are stopped because of the war.

  • 1949, the Dukhan deposit goes into production.

Downhole trob in  Dukhan
Downhole trob in Dukhan. DR Total


  • 1952, an agreement is signed for a 50/50 split with the QPC on September 1st.

  • 1953, the CFP receives 8.3 MT from the IPC (about 1 MT from its participation in the QPC, new name of the Petroleum Development Qatar). Qatar Petroleum Company builds storage at Umm Saïd.


Opening of Umm Saïd Station
Opening of Umm Saïd Station. DR TOTAL


1972 - 1999

  • 1972, the North Field field is discovered.

  • 1974 QPC is nationalized and Dukhan field management is transferred to the Qatar General Petroleum Company (QGPC), later renamed Qatar Petroleum (QP). Total takes 10% of Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO), producing ethylene and polyethylene.

  • 1976, the decision of the Emirate to take full control of the QPC leads to the creation of a qatari law services company in which the CFP took 23.75%.

  • 1980, Qatar reopens oil and gas fields to international companies.

  • 1986, Total and BP constitute Qatargas for the production, liquefaction and export of gas from the North Field field.

  • 1989, Elf Aquitaine Qatar obtains a six-year exploration permit on Block 6 off the East Coast of the Emirate.

  • 1990, QGPC (Qatar), Atochem and Enimont sign a cooperation agreement on petrochemical activities at Umm Saïd (Qatar).

  • 1991, Elf is awarded a portion of the North Field deposit in Qatar. Discovery of Al Khalij in Qatar.

  • 1996 North Field production facilities are commissioned (Total 20%). Commissioning of the first liquefaction train in Qatargas.


View of the North Field site
View of the North Field site. ©Marc Roussel - TOTAL
  • 1997, the production of Al Khalij starts.

  • 1999, Total decides to launch a second phase of development in Al Khalij.

2000 - 2019

  • 2000, the second phase of the development of the Al Khalij field is launched (TotalFinaElf operator, 55%)

  • 2001, the first phase of the Dolphin project (TotalFinaElf 24.5% in Dolphin Energy Ltd.) to supply 2 billion cubic feet/day of Qatar’s natural gas to the United Arab Emirates and Oman is launched in March.

  • 2002, TotalFinaElf increases its 100% stake in the Al Khalij deposit. The group signs an agreement with Qatar Petroleum Company (Qapco) for the creation of Qatofin, a joint venture that will be owned by Atofina, 63% by Qapco, 1% by Qatar Petroleum (QP).


View of the platform PANON-DP4 of Al-Khalij, Qatar
View of the platform PANON-DP4 of Al-Khalij, Qatar. ©Marc Roussel - TOTAL


  • 2005, TOTAL enters into a Memorandum of Understanding to acquire a 16.7% interest in the second Qatargas II train.

  • 2007, the Dolphin Gas Project is in production.


Platform in Qatar.
Platform in Qatar. ©Marc Roussel - TOTAL
  • 2009, the Ras Laffan refinery, of which Total holds 10% of the capital, begins to process gas from the North Field field.

Technicians in the Ras Laffan Reffinery
Technicians in the Ras Laffan Refinery. ©Thierry Gonzalez - TOTAL 
  • 2012, Total and QP sign an agreement to operate on the Al-Khalij field for 25 years.