Total in Mexico


First activities of the Group in Mexico


Partnership with Shell on the ALtmira project


Start of Altmira project

Total has been present in Mexico since 1949 across all its branches of activity, mainly in the fields of specialty chemistry and the marketing of petroleum products and associated services.


1949 - 2019

  • 1949, creation of MexoFina in association with the state-owned company Pemex. Petrofina thus marked its return to exploration and production.

  • 1954, Petrofina produces oil in Mexico, Rabon Grande, and gas in Xica Lango, via its subsidiary Mexofina.

  • 1955, Petrofina left Mexico, because its gas discoveries were not exploitable due to a lack of market and the expansion of Pemex’s oil business.

  • 1958, A merger of interests between Mexofina and Pauley Petroleum Inc. operates in Mexico and the United States.

  • 1989, Agreements, alliances, takeovers and acquisitions for Sanofi in Mexico.

  • 1994, Coates (subsidiary of Total resins) acquires Graphicart in Mexico.

  • 1995, Total Resins acquires new companies in Mexico.

  • 1996 Hutchinson launches Construction of New Saltillo Plant

  • 2003, October, Signature with a subsidiary of the Royal Dutch Shell Group for the acquisition of a 25% stake in the Altmira regasification terminal (LNG) project.

  • 2006, start of Altmira terminal.