Total in Libya


The CFP Algeria arrives on Libya


Creation of the CFP Libya


The CFP leaves the country because of the arrival of Khadafi, while Elf stays


Total and Petrofina come back in upstream

The Group’s presence in Libya focuses on the upstream in this sparsely populated country (1.4 million in 1960, 3.2 in 1980). The CFP-Algeria took an interest in this territory from 1954 onwards, found the first indices in the Fezzan and, as soon as a first oil legislation was established (in 1955), the Group obtained two permits, in the Jefarra and the Syrte region.


1954 - 2019

The French Company of oils in Libya ( CFP-L) is established in 1956. In 1962, the SNPA obtains a concession. Next year, the CFP makes a first discovery, but while the relations complicate between the State and the international companies, after the coup d'état of colonel Khadafi, the creation of the NOC ( 1970 ), the first measures of nationalization (Conoco in 1970), the CFP leaves the country. Elf on the contrary stays. In 1975 Elf puts in production the field of El Meheiriga, canvasses, finds some offshore oil ( 1977 ), tries to develop more, but the signature of new agreements in 1980 collides with the temporary refusal of the French government to validate them because of the tensions which exist between the governments of both countries. They eventually are able to be operated in 1981. In 1984 Elf gives up its licences on the ground and keeps its marine licences. Elf produces hundred thousand tons a year.

After a period of embargo, in 1988 Libya offers licences to the more interesting conditions for the international companies. Elf takes back its removals, but its production fell at a very low level. Total and Petrofina enters on the upstream at the beginning of the 90s, with Total on Mabrouk where the Group discovers some oil which it puts in production in 1995: the Group produces 300 000 t/year in 1995. Then the Group enters on blocks A and B the North and the South of Murzuq where it finds some oil in 2000.