Total in Ivory Coast


Presence of Total in Ivory Coast


Creation of the SIR (Ivorian Company of refining)


Commissioning of the Abidjan Refinery


The Group is Marketing leader in the country

The Group enters Ivory Coast in 1947, through the CFDPA (Compagnie française de distribution de pétrole en Afrique). The sales of Ivory Coast grow fast in both Ivory Coast and in Cameroon, thus a deposit is established in 1949 in Abidjan.


1947 - 1966

  • 1947, the CFDPA (French Oil Distribution Company in Africa) enters the country and markets AOF and AEF gasoline, gas oil, lubricant oil and lampant.

  • 1949, a deposit is created in Abidjan by the CFDPA.

  • 1950, research under the aegis of the BRP (Bureau de recherche de pétrole) are conducted, without any results.

  • 1960, the Group of Petroleum Professionals, including the CFP, decides to study the construction of a refinery in the capital.

  • 1962, creation of the SIR (Ivorian company of refining), in which Total takes 10.1%. It starts the construction of a refinery, initially of 700 KT/year, put into service in 1966. Elf also has an interest in this refinery.

The foundation stone ceremony of the Abidjan refinery
The foundation stone ceremony of the Abidjan refinery. ©Normand L. - Total


1967 - 1992

  • 1980-1981, the CFP takes two licenses (A1 and D1), but reduces its participation in 1982.

  • 1983, a hydrocracker is put into service at the Abidjan refinery and the capacity is increased to 3.8 MT/year, then reduced to 3 MT/year as part of a structural adjustment plan.

Abidjan Refinery
Abidjan Refinery. ©Charliat Philippe - Total


  • 1986, Total signs agreements for small remote energy units in Ivory Coast using local raw materials.

  • 1989 and 1993, blocks are defined in the Ivorian offshore and tenders are organised.

  • In the early 1990s, Total acquires the Exxon and Elf networks, and BP’s downstream assets. Following this acquisition, Elf increases its participation in the Abidjan refinery.

Elf gas station in the 1990's in Ivory Coast
Elf gas station in the 1990's in Abidjan. ©Houlbreque Gérard - Total 


1993 - 2019

  • 1998, On September the 16th, Total Ivory Coast joins the BRVM (Regional Real Estate Stock Exchange of Abidjan).

  • 2000, After the merger, TotalFinaElf Group becomes the country’s distribution network leader.

  • At the beginning of 2010, Total is present to help the country’s economy get back on track, quickly restoring its assets and offering a diverse and renewed range of products and services.

  • 2010, Results deemed promising are observed, Total enters into one permit.

  • 2015, Total launches the Awango range of solar lamps to increase access to energy. 200,000 people have already been positively impacted in Ivory Coast by this initiative.

  • 2017, Total pursues exploration in 2 blocks.

  • 2017, Total joins the CI-LNG natural gas import project to meet growing electricity demand.