Total in Brazil


ELF signs licences in Brazilian Amazon


Total discovers oil in Amazonia


Elf launches operational activities of lubricants


In the lubricant sector, Petrofina creates a subsidiary in Brazil


Elf Aquitaine enters in exploration


Total enters LIBRA's permit


Signature of a strategic alliance with Petrobras in the upstream and downstream sectors

Total has been present in Brazil since 1975. The country is a real growth engine for the Group, mainly present in the field of production exploration.


1975 - 1990

  • 1980, ELF signs licences in Brazilian Amazon

  • 1985, Sanofi (then pharmaceutical subsidiary of ELF) acquires in Brazil a line of pharmaceutical products operated until now by Revlon Group.

  • 1986, Total discovers oil in Amazonia (Brazil). It is associated with Pecten and Idemitsu.

  • 1986, Closure of CECA Brazil, Elf subsidiary specializing in the production of active coal.

  • 1987, Sanofi acquires the Brazilian company Iceberg, specializing in the manufacture and distribution of food flavourings used in confectionery, biscuits and chocolates.

1991 - 2000

  • 1996, Elf launches operational activities of lubricant in Brazil.

  • 1996, Hutchinson acquires the Brazilian company Cestari, which represents the company’s first breakthroughs in the South American automotive market.

Usine Hutchinson à Monte Alto - © Demail Philippe - Total
Hutchinson plant in Monte Alto - © Demail Philippe - Total
  • 1997, Total acquires the Brazilian company Ramires & Cia, producer of unsaturated polyester resins.

  • 1998, In the lubricant sector, Petrofina creates a subsidiary in Brazil

  • 1999, Elf Aquitaine enters in the country in exploration.

  • 1999, Hutchinson creates a research site in Brazil and acquires the Brazilian company Mucambo (professional gloves and general public)

  • 1999, The Group acquires 9.7% in the Brazilian part of the Bolivia-Brazil gas pipeline.

Since 2000

  • 2000, the year is marked by the realization and the interpretation of a 3 000 km2 3D seismic campaign in the Campos basin on Block BC2 (TotalFinaElf operator 35%).

  • In 2002, exploration work continues in the deep offshore on Block BC-2 and is under evaluation. Seismic is also drawn on the BMC-14 block (TotalFinaElf operator 30%).

  • 2003, on block BC-2 (TOTAL operator 35%) the Anambe well is drilled. In the resins-formaldehyde business, on October 13, TOTAL sells its Brazilian activities (sites of Jundïai and Belem).

  • In 2005, TOTAL increases its stake from 35% to 41.2% in the area corresponding to the Curio discovery on Block BC2.

  • 2007, on block BC-2, the partners drill a well of appreciation at the beginning of the year to then submit a declaration of commerciality to the ANP (Agência National do Petroléo) at the end of August.

  • In 2009, the Group holds interests in two licenses, the BC-2 (41.2%) and BM-C-14 (50%) blocks, located in the Campos basin. As a result of seismic reprocessing, an ante-salt prospecting prospect was highlighted under the discovery of Xerelete (formerly Curió), created in 2001 by 2,400 m of water.

  • 2010, in June, the Group enters 20% in the BM-S-54 permit. At the end of 2010, a first well at the Salif ante is drilled on the Gato do Mato structure to find a significant oil column. TOTAL enters into a strategic partnership in June with Amyris Inc., a US company listed on Nasdaq (NASDAQ: AMRS), which specializes in biotechnology. The Group holds a 18.5% stake at the end of 2012 and signs a collaboration agreement for the research, development, production and marketing of bio-sourced molecules for the downstream petroleum or green chemistry markets, including the setting up a joint R & D team. Amyris has a state-of-the-art industrial synthesis biology platform that improves and optimizes microorganisms that can convert sugars into molecules of interest by fermentation, a research laboratory and pilot units in California and in Brazil.

  • In 2012, the Group holds interests in three exploration licenses: blocks BC-2 (41.2%) and BM-C-14 (50%), located in the Campos basin, and block BM-S- 54 (20%) located in the Santos basin. - The Xerelete field is essentially located on block BC-2, an extension located on block BM-C-14. In 2012, TOTAL becomes the operator of the field. The encouraging results obtained on Gato do Mato are being analyzed to define the next steps of the field assessment.

  • 2013, In May, Total wins 10 blocks in the country and enters on the Libra license, the largest field ever discovered in the Brazilian offshore. In early 2013, Amyris will start up its industrial production site for the production of renewable diesel and kerosene from Brotas, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. At the end of 2013, TOTAL created a joint venture (50-50) with Amyris. This entity, known as Total Amyris Biosolutions, holds the exclusive rights and intellectual property of farnesene.

Site industriel de Amyris à Brotas, usine de production de biofuel, mai 201
Amyris industrial site in Brotas, biofuel production plant, May 2013
  • 2017, Signature of a strategic alliance with Petrobras creating new partnerships in the upstream and downstream sectors, as well as enhanced technical cooperation covering operations, research and technology.