Totalmente com Angola: Economic and Social Development Initiatives

At Total E&P Angola, HSE, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability policies are part and parcel of day-to-day activities and strengthen the affiliate’s ties to its Angolan community. Those policies include a commitment to recruit Angolan employees and provide them with technical, soft skills and management training designed to produce highly qualified technicians and managers. In addition, the affiliate transfers exploration and production technology to Angolan contractors and is constantly increasing the value of the contracts awarded to them. In March 2013, Total E&P Angola created a Local Content Division responsible for coordinating the company’s efforts to increase the number of industrial and CSR projects entrusted to its Angolan partners — a move that is gaining recognition for Angola’s oil industry and oil-related expertise.

centre de formation
Students at the Moro Bento training center


Management and Soft Skills Training

This training program introduced by Total E&P Angola is designed to strengthen management skills and abilities among supervisors and educate the entire workforce about attitudes that can help the company meet its objectives. From 2010 to 2012, the affiliate provided more than 3,000 days of training to help managers learn how to conduct an annual individual reviews, use human resources tools and processes, manage their professional relationships and coordinate their teams.


Channeling More Investment to Local Content: Paenal Yard

With help from Total E&P Angola, the Porto Amboim Estaleiros Navais (Paenal) yard, located 250 kilometers south of Luanda, has been expanded to accommodate an increasing share of the affiliate’s FPSO construction and maintenance activities. A few figures indicate the scale of the project:

  • Nine million man-hours worked.
  • Extension of the yard’s jetty from 80 to 428 meters.
  • Construction of a 530-meter protective seawall.
  • Installation of a crane with a lifting capacity of 2,500 tons.
  • Eventual labor capacity: 1.5 million man-hours annually.
  • Specialized training for 200 employees, including more than 145 welders and 50 pipefitters.
soudeurs sur le chantier PAENAL
Training workshop for welders at the Paenal yard, CLOV project, Porto Amboim


In addition to economic development, Total E&P Angola is pursuing an array of initiatives with community stakeholders in areas such as education, the arts and environmental protection. It has spent more than $80 million on CSR and sustainability programs over the past 12 years. Projects are often conducted with Angolan partners; for example, at Quenguela Norte, the affiliate has joined with Sonangol to lead an education initiative. It’s designed to complement other projects, such as the Eiffel Schools, that have arisen out of public-private partnerships.


Meeting the Education Challenge

For the government, the exceptionally high proportion of young people in Angola’s population is both an opportunity and a challenge. To ensure that skilled jobs are available to young people entering the job market, the country needs to provide a quality education to students. In the belief that it has a social responsibility to make a contribution, in 2008 Total E&P Angola signed an agreement with Mission Laïque Française, a secular nonprofit, and Angola’s Ministry of Education to create four Eiffel Schools dedicated to excellence. These secondary schools provide a rigorous education to students selected by entrance exam; upon graduation, the top performers are awarded a scholarship. The Eiffel Schools graduated their first classes in late 2011; many graduates have gone on to higher education in France, Portugal, Angola or elsewhere in Africa.

Total E&P Angola’s education budget also includes long-term funding for the Lar Kuzola orphanage. Established in 1976 by the Luanda provincial government and operated under the auspices of the provincial department of social services, the facility provides a home to at-risk children, many of whom have been separated from their families. Total E&P Angola has supported Lar Kuzola’s operations since 1991 through financial contributions that provide for a wide range of educational, cultural and athletic opportunities for the 250 children at the center.


étudiant de l'école Eiffel
Seventy-five students, including a growing number of Eiffel School graduates, receive scholarships from Total E&P Angola to pursue an academic career in Angola or abroad. The affiliate eventually hopes to award 100 academic scholarships each year.


Public Health: The Focus of Total E&P Angola’s Efforts on Behalf of Its Employees and Host Country

When it comes to diet and nutrition, high blood pressure, sexually transmitted infections and other health issues, prevention and information are vital. Internally, Total E&P Angola leads regular campaigns to educate its employees about preventing HIV/AIDS and other diseases, and publishes articles about the risks posed by certain diseases and steps employees can take to reduce those risks.

In the community, the affiliate supports initiatives such as an HIV/AIDS prevention office for young people, nonprofits such as Pain Without Borders and a campaign by Angola’s government to drastically cut the country’s infant and maternal mortality rates, which are among the highest in the world.